Russ -Korean and Math Tutor

Hi, my name is Russ.
I have been teaching Korean and Math in learning centers and private tutoring with over 7 years of experience in the Philippines, Korea, and Hong Kong.

I am good at elaborating on the main themes of academic subjects to students and shall prepare specific materials for the tutored student to do. I have a passion for people and talent development. I love ...

Jen-ESF小学英文老師 (教学学士)(TKO)

Hi, I am an enthusiastic, professional bilingual educator from Canada who speaks native English and Cantonese. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Education, Curriculum and Instruction in Canada. I have 7 years of diverse teaching experiences in international schools and preschools in Canada as well as 2 year tutoring experiences with special needs children.

Currently, I am worki...

William M-English Tutor (Aberdeen)

Professional English teacher available for tutoring.

I teach individualized and engaging lessons to students of all ages. I have two years of experience with different grade levels. Ranging from Preschool students to Post Graduate students.

With my teaching experience and advanced knowledge of English, I help students of all ages achieve the improvements they need.

Evandro English and Spanish Tutor

Hello! My name is Evandro from Brazil. I have extensive travelling experience as a pilot and I love teaching my students about other cultures. My native language is Portuguese and I am fluent in English and Spanish. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in International Business and I have been teaching languages for 10+ years on a part-time basis. I have TEFL certificate as an English Teacher as wel...

Chris - English Tutor (American, TseungKwanO)

My name is Chris, a native English speaking teacher born and raised in the United States (California accent). Educated at the University of California, I have been enthusiastically teaching here in Hong Kong for well over a decade now, providing private tuition for students of various ages. Certified in TEFL and TESOL, I provide customized exercises prepared in advance for motivating students (pub...

Cally - 國語導師 (專補名校/國際學校學生)

曾於国內小學及中學執教国語數年,及后在香港任中文及普通話補習導師多年。現學生有女拔萃學生,九龍塘国際學校學生,還有專業人仕如醫生,金融界等, 我會針對不同的學生,因材施教,用靈活生動的方法引導學生學習,即時有效地提高其學習興趣,在短時間內已可讓學生有明顯的進步。學...

Japanese Tutor - Mariko (Sai Ying Pun)

I am ethnically Japanese raised in Japan and in the USA. I am proficiently fluent in English and Japanese (both my first languages) and can understand and speak basic Cantonese and Potunghua.

I have been teaching English and Japanese since 2005 covering students in the preschool and elementary levels. I mainly focus on Japanese but as a native English speaker I have also taught Eng...

Peigi- English Tutor (UK) (Jordan)


English Teacher ages 3 – 12 (Hong Kong)
Specialist in teaching Phonics, Cambridge, Easy Talk and Trinity
Developing lesson plans, organising learning materials and resources and making imaginative use of resources
Assisting with the development of chil...

Sukjin- 韓文/英文導師 Korea (Hung Hom)

I am a native Korean speaker from Seoul. I've studied teaching English as a second language to children (TYC) and had taught Korean to adults in Canada.
Whether you want to speak Korean for travelling or studying in Korea, or just want to know more about Korean culture; my experience and knowledge will bring you to the next level!

Freddy- Native Spanish / English tutor (住西環)

8 years of experience tutoring students to improve their score on igcse, gcse, and IB

August 2008-Present
Private Spanish Tutor, Hong Kong tutor
Spanish and English Private Tutor/translator
• Prepare personalized Syllabus and teaching materials.
• Advice and improve students for IB, IGCSE, SAT exams.

Kevin Recco-English Tutor(USA) (上環/Sheung Wan)


Master of Arts – China Development Studies Aug 2012 – July 2013
 Analyzed China’s political-economy, FDI flows, currency, financial growth and urbanization
 Dissertation: Washington’s Pivot East: China’s Rise and the Geography of the American Containment Strategy


Mark- German Tutor (PHD) (西貢/Sai Kung)

Hi, I am Mark a PHD student from Germany !

I am a native German speaker and I am also a certified TEFL teacher. I love teaching and I have lots of patience.

I can help you improve your German fluency and will practice your speaking, reading and writing ability.

Cristina - Spanish ( education centre teacher) (中環)

I was teaching Spanish in London kindergarden during summer. I was working with kids, teenagers and adults. Since I arrived to Hong Kong 2 years ago I have been teaching Spanish. I started on my own and currently I am working in an Spanish Language Center in Hong Kong as full time job. I have dependant visa that alows me to work in HK.

Graduated in Labour Relati...

Chantal- French tutor (西營盤/Sai Ying Pun)

1999 - Master’s in French as a Foreign Language – Université Stendhal III de Grenoble –
« Maîtrise de Français Langue Etrangère »

1995 – Bachelor´s Degree in English– Université La Sorbonne de Paris – « Licence d’Anglais »

1994 - BA in English – U...

Juhi-Spanish Tutor (紅磡/Hung Hom)

I have 7 years teaching kids and adults experience

Secondary Education in the institute of Tomas Morales , Canary Islands , Spain
Year of completion: 1990
Diploma in Kindergarden teaching in the year 2006 in Spain Diploma in Travel Agency in the year 2010 in Spain Diploma in Ground Hostess in the year 2010 in Spain


Teacher Michael - Native English / Math / Computer / Business Tutor (USA)

Hi, I'm Teacher Michael, nice to meet you here! I'm a Native English Teacher from USA.  I also teach Math, Stats, Computer, Geography, Business and Accounting.

Lessons with me are always custom tailored to your needs, with a focus on children from Primary 1 to students in P4-P5 preparing for secondary school, you'll be sure to have lessons focused on your goals...

Kevin-Native English tutor, teaching online( 法律博士, TOEFL/IELTS )(加拿大)


-Qualified Hong Kong Solicitor

-Postgraduate Certificate of Laws (PCLL) (法學專業證書)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Graduate School of Law

-Juris Doctor (法律博士)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Graduate School of Law

-Honors in Bachelors of Arts
The Universit...

Anna - 幼稚園/小學英文老師

•在中国(北京) 有2年小學的教育经历
•国际经验: 能够在团队或独立工作, 创造性解决问题,具有强大的人际关系和沟通能力

香港, 元朗教育中心

Andy - 德文 / 英文導師 (在德國土生土長 )

Teaching German in a group of 30 students at two educational institutions in Hong Kong.

Yeji - Korean and English tutor(Mid Level)

I am confident in teaching languages as I studied foreign languages in the university, I
am more than familiar with studying language effectively. I graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Feb. 2008 and worked as a translator/interpreter of Korean/English/Russian as a freelancer between 2007 and 2008. I worked in MNC for 5 years after that and moved to Hong Kong recently. I a...

Lynda -English tutor (UK)(live in Siu Lam)

I can teach English IELTS.
I am very friendly and well spoken from England with a background in teaching English to both adults and Children for many years. I have a degree in English literature and several qualifications in marketing and events.

Whilst living in Thailand, I taught in an international kindergarten and developed my own tutoring busin...

Tamsin -English tutor ( UK ) (西營盤)(Central District)

A friendly, trustworthy and likeable person, who is responsible, highly motivated and enthusiastic. Clean and presentable with a good sense of humor who is willing to help others. Is able to work well within a team and on her own initiative. Excellent timekeeping and health record.
I am currently a Year 1 Master of Landscape Architecture student at the University of Hong Kong, who is has a ...

SHERLEY - Mandarin tutor ( 國 語 導 師 )



Steven -English / Math/ Science teacher (USA) (中環)

Professional Profile
Native English teacher, who’s highly passionate, highly qualified, friendly and experienced in English, Math and Science. I have fantastic international experience teaching in Taiwan, Japan, USA and Hong Kong. Experienced teaching both one-on-one and in groups, I have strong communication skills and valuable experience teaching to both adults...

Lawrence – Science/ English/Math/ tutor (北角) ( 紐約長島石溪大學)

英文導師, 科學, 數學導師,
本人以GPA 3.8的優異成績畢業於美國紐約長島石溪大學,更獲得「院長嘉許名單」(Dean’s List)的榮譽。本人於中四起已開始幫人補習數學, 科學和英語,並間中教授鋼琴課,至今已有七至八年的補習經驗。我的學生類型繁多,從小學生至正在工作的成年人都包...

Jessie-English/ Mathematics tutor (Tsuen Wan)

I've had experience with teaching young children, and have previously taught them conversational english and mathematics. Its been quite a rewarding experience overall, and I've really enjoyed my experience in teaching them!

I was born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong; I graduated from Sha
Tin College in 2013 having completed the IB and iGCSE (2011), scoring 39

Carmen -English/Spanish tutor (live in Sha Tin)


The Chinese University Of Hong Kong. Major: BSSc Contemporary China Studies IB Diploma at The British International High School, Shanghai Pudong Campus.
La Salle E.S.O/ Secondary School Diploma, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
Kinder garden and Primary School at La Salle Palma, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Many years tutoring experience teaching English and Sp...

John - Native Spanish Teacher ( Living in Wan Chai)

I am an experienced and credentialed Native Latin American Spanish teacher and curriculum development with primary or above and kiddies levels for the past 6 years at the one of the prestigious Language Center in HKSAR and also was as Spanish teacher Foundation course at the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Logo Academy.

The sessions can be arranged according to the stude...

Lacie-English tutor (USA) (銅鑼灣)

My name is Lacie Thorne, I am an American Native English Teacher with 5 years USA teaching experience and TESOL certification. I have a working visa and am eligible for work in Hong Kong. My passion is teaching children of all skill levels in a comprehensive learning environment.

Professional Experience
English Teacher- Granberry Elementary - Nashville, Tennessee USA 2003 &nd...

Kelly-Anne- English tutor (UK)(位西環)

I am a HK born UK resident who has been teaching here for the past three years in a local kindergarten. My first teaching position we as an after school class teacher and from 2007-2010 was employed as the main NET in the local village kindergarten. I now work in Sacred Heart Canossian Kindergaten and I love every minute of it. I thoroughly enjoy working with young children and olde...

Kendy -全職學校英文老師 (土瓜灣)

全職英文老師. 七年教學經驗.
I've been an English Tutor for 10 years specializing in grammar, phonics, storytelling and art. I enjoy teaching children from early stages to primary levels. I have taught Cambridge, Letterland, Fun Fun Phonics and taught various playgroups, cooking classes and fundamental art classes.

I have also done voice-over work for Perry ...

Lily-English Tutor (UK) 幼稚園老師 (大坑)

My name is Lily and I'm a Native English teacher from England. I have been living and teaching in Hong Kong for 3 months. Previous to Hong Kong I was teaching in a International Primary School and Private Education Centre in Zhongshan, China.

Currently I'm teaching English in a Kindergarten on the Hong Kong island. I teach English through a variety of activities in order ...

German Tutor- Winkler (太子)

Hi I am Ute and I am a native German. I have experience with a range of ages from Kindergarten to Secondary, as well as adult tuition. Well experienced in exam preparation for all levels.
I have a patient and motivating teaching style and provide lessons tailored to each individual to include fun and interactive activities.


since 2013 R...

Leslie -English tutor ( from USA) (將軍澳 TKO)

I have been an English tutor in Hong Kong for the past three years. I work with early learners and adults helping them develop their English skills. I am teaching Trinity now,
Also, I have an MBA, CFA and used to work in finance. (FYI ~ part of equity analysis is valuation).
Education and Qualifications

TEFL Course
Personal English Tut...

Ryan- English teacher (UK) (西營盤)

International school English teacher

Teaching experience:

September 2014 ––Teacher at Primo Education and Private Tutor

I am currently using my teaching expertise from 5 years teaching across Hong Kong to teach on a one-one and small group setting. With experience in teaching both at a Kindergarten level throu...

Ben Cook -English tutor (英國文學碩士學位) (油馬地)(England)(Yau Ma Tei)

Personal Profile
Originally from England I spent my formative years living in both the USA and Sweden where I came to appreciate other cultures for their diversity and individual merit. I tutored English to students who were learning it as a foreign language while studying in international high schools. I obtained a Masters in English Literature at the University of St...

Valerie Gayrimond -French/ English Tutor ( lamma )

My name is Valerie and I am a bilingual (French/English) native French tutor, with a TEFL and 26 years living and working in London.
I have been teaching in Hong Kong for the last 7-8 years, mainly as a private tutor (also playgroup and language centres/summer schools). I have had many students at IB level, and they all passed(TRUE!) and am familiar with it.

Michiyo 竹内 三千代 - Japanese Tutor (油馬地)

- Cultivated extensive experience as a teacher for 15 years.
- Gained advanced English language skills & intermediate level Cantonese skills. - Developed interpersonal skills and effective communication skills.
- Gained diverse experience in different schools in Japan and overseas.
- Self motivated, quick learner, supportive, dedicated, innovative and challenging.

Bobo- 公立/ 國際学校英语老師 (九龍灣)

I have spent the past five year working full time as a native English teacher for both public schools and private learning institutes. My current job is in a kindergarten. I was fortune enough to have the opportunity to be part of the school team. It is a theme-based school which emphasizes on educating students creatively and encourages a fun and stress-free learning environment. The school ofte...

Erick -French / Science tutor ( master degree) ( 佐敦)

Native French Teacher
Easy Putonghua and Union Of Languages, Hong Kong, Currently holds this position.

 Provide French Courses for several groups of Kids and Adults of every level (Beginner, Advanced level).
 Created programmes of Work
 Assessed student abilities and evaluated performance
 Developed lesson pla...

Ann- English /Mandrian teacher 密西根州西密西根大学的中文教师 (Pofulam)

My name is Ann. I was born in Beijing and grown up in China. Then I went to the States and have lived and worked there for 20 years. During the time I have taught young children, college students, as well as adult Chinese language. Now I am living in HK and I am looking for more opportunities tutoring Mandarin Chinese language. I hope that with my education background (I have a M.A. in history), m...

Lisa -English/ Japanese tutor (大角咀)

As an education professional, along with experience working as a Business Development Manager, my positive, creative and enthusiastic approach resulted in numerous successes in previous roles. My excellent interpersonal skills have provided rewarding experiences for my students, clients, colleagues and myself. I am a positive, creative and enthusiastic individual who is e...

Patrizia - English /German / French / Spanish tutor (MBA degree)( 西营盘)

I grew up in Switzerland as a German native speaker and thanks to my parents, I started learning English by the age of 8 (private tutoring). Since then, English has always be somewhat present in my life. I studied Social Sciences in my undergraduate and a lot of my lectures were taught in English. As French is one of four official languages in Switzerland, we had to learn French as a first foreign...

Emilie - French / English/ Math tutor

I am a native french, passing my French Baccalaureate and have been in the IB system for 1 year. I have many years teaching French experience. I believe I am able to teach french to an IB student. I believe that I am a great tutor.
I am currently a senior student int the French International School. Educated in both systems, I am passing this year my french baccalaureate and in ...

Jamie - 幼稚園/國際學校英文老師 (UK) (Mong Kok)

- Excellent Tutoring skills
- Works very well one on one with students
- Able to Tutor groups as well as individuals
- Extensively patient and understanding
- Extremely encouraging and motivational
- Works very well with students of all ages
- Able to nurture and build strong teacher student relationships.

To ...

Steven-English tutor (會講普通話)(西營盤)

I'm a professional English teacher and have been teaching in
Asia for 8 years. I have rich experience teaching all ages, from young
children to professionals. I'm TEFL certified and can also speak
Mandarin at an advanced level.
English Language Instructor, The Princeton Review Jan 2010 – Sept 2013 (Full-time position held while studying for B.A.)

Charlotte-English tutor (USA) (大角咀)

I am pursuing an English teaching career in order to uphold the international status of Hong Kong by delivering the art of English to the students with my professional skills.


Professional TEFL Certificate (120 hours)
TEFL International
Completed: May, 2014

Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and...

Mio - Japanese / Math /Japanese tutor (Kowloon Tong)

Mio Hirai Chan(平井未來)
(Double Degree Programme)
I have acquired N1 level in Japanese Language Proficiency Test and am a native speaker of Japanese and Chinese. Also, I am proficient in English and Mandarin. I have 5 years of experience in teaching Japanese and other subjects in secondary school as a part time tutor and primary school students. ...

Charline- English/ German / Spanish tutor ( Tai Po) (教育中心英文老師)

Hi, I am Charline ! ( 大埔教育中心老師 English learning centre teacher )

I am a native German/Spanish speaker, I love kids and teaching and I have lots of patience.

I can help you improve your German or Spanish fluency and will practice your speaking, reading and writing ability.

German and Spanish Mother Tongue , Fluent in English , currently ...

Carrie-English tutor (耶鲁大学 Yale University) (Shatin)


May 2014
Yale University
Bachelor of Arts in English • GPA: 3.57 / 4.0;

Honors: [College] Yale President’s Public Service Fellowship, Slotnick/Slater Scholarship
2012 & 2013 (excellence in the humanities), Richter Fellowship (senior thesis research)
[High school] Bilingual Dogwood Diploma (English and Frenc...

Kate - Kindergarten English/Russian teacher (TKO)

(全職学校英文老師 )
I am a professional language teacher with a BA degree in English linguistics. Currently, I'm in the process of obtaining teaching qualifications from Trinity College, Oxford University.
Over the past 7 years, I have been working in various institutions around Hong Kong (English School Foundation CWBS, Greenfield kindergarten, etc.) and doing a lot...

Victoria - Russian/ English tutor (小學英文老師) ( 西環)

I used to teach Cambridge YLE in Fanling and am teaching Letterland Phonics in TaiPo right now, so i have experience with the required syllabus.

English Tutor in Hong Kong - since 2010. Previously taught English in Taiwan, Russia, and Mainland China.
English, General Studies, Science for Primary, Secondary, and High school....

Alex - English teacher (UK) (紅磡)

I am from England with over 6 years teaching experience.


BA English Language and Communications
CELTA Certified
TEFL Certified
Teaching Young Learners Certified

I am able to provide materials to tailor lessons to the requirements of the students such as but not limited to;

Cambridge English

Alan - English / Math teacher (UK)(Sheung Wan)

Attentive teacher with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. An ability to be flexible in unexpected circumstances with strong problem-solving skills and innovation. Exceptional computer skills on Microsoft Office Suite, Activinsprie and Internet applications. Able to prioritize and work effectively individually, while also thriving in team-oriented environments.

Yelena-Russian/English tutor (sky teaching)

I am native Russian and I have a big experience in journalism, PR and Social Media. I can teach both English and Russian for students from Primary level. I have more than 12 years experience in Journalism as an editor and translator .

Kazakh State University of International Relations and Foreign Languages
International affairs journalist with English languag...

Trinidad - English / Spanish teacher (碩士學位) (灣仔)

I have years experience teaching English and Spanish.
I am a native Spanish female working and living in Hong Kong . I started my career in Law and Economics in Spain at the same time that I developed my vocational training as a teacher. As I learned English at an early age, I started teaching English to students in 2003, always on a one to one basis or to a very small group of pupils. I al...

Jamie- English tutor ( Master degree) (UK) ( Jordan)

Private Tutor
Freelance, Hong Kong, 2015 August–Present
• Tutoring individual and small groups of Primary 5 and 6 students in public speaking, interview skills, presentation skills and creative writing
• Tutoring individual and small groups of Primary 1 to 4 students in phonics, reading comprehension, writing and
• Facilitating Eng...

中文導師 -Sally Wong (何文田)

Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Faculty of Humanities
Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
York University, Toronto, Canada Degree of Bachelor of Arts
Major: Mathematics for Commerce
Niagara Christian Collegiate, Toronto, Canada Ontario Secondary School Diploma
Pui Ching Middle School Hong Kong


經驗北京普通話老師, 語音純正標準。 作為一個在中國北京土生土長的人,以普通話為母語 ,本人十分了解中國的背景、文化及風土人情。 長大成人後,本人來到香港生活,因此同樣對香港的生活環境和學習要求有深入的認識。

有10年教學經驗, 國家語委證書二甲, 港澳地區中小學普通話水...

Khorina - English / Spanish teacher (Central)

I am a dedicated teacher and have extensive experience in working with
early childhood Nursery & Pre-School Kindergarten.
I believe that education is important and that all children should
have access to quality learning, but it should also be fun and
enjoyable at the same time! I also make sure to teach children the
importance of certain values, such as

Kang-Korean / math tutor (Sai Wan)

(I can able to teach IGCSE math)
Hi, My name is Kang, Eun Seok (Chris)
I'm from South Korea, and I have lived in Hong Kong for 7 years.
I graduated South Island School (International School) and I have IB Diploma.
I currently go to HKUST.
I don't have any teaching experience officially but I have helped some students with their homework. I can definitel...

Marc-English/Spanish tutor( 銅鑼灣)

I have been raised in both spanish and english, I have experience teaching from kindergarten to adults groups in speaking, reading, writing, grammar, exam preparation and business.

I have a degree in finance and over three years teaching spanish, english and maths.

I feel very passionate about teaching and I find it very fullfiling, being patient, comprehensive and fu...

Rina-Japanese tutor (Mawan)


I am an outgoing, positive and energetic individual who is passionate about teaching both children and adults from different cultures through my 12 years of professional teaching experience.
I always want my students to understand that Learning Japanese is fun. My lessons don’t usually follow through by referring to the textbook, but I occasionally u...

Simon-German/English tutor (坑口)

2 Years Native-German-Speaking Tutor for chinese students in German universities; Providing German oral and instructional teaching sessions with children of various ages in Hong Kong. Teaching emphasis can be on speaking (conversational)or written german language. Former German correction editor in support of marketing (web based advertising media)and instructional detailing for the INSTAR Corpora...

Maxime - French teacher (學校老師) (筲箕灣)

Highlights of Skills
● Able to inspire, comfort, build self-esteem.
● Physical strength and sound mental health which enable working in stressful situations with equal efficiency.
● Proven ability at multitasking. Work Experience
09/2015 – Now

Private tutor
Establich clear objectives for all lessons and communicate with students, a...

Louise - French/German/English tutor (中環)

Tutoring Experience
30.03.1996 in Mainz (Germany)
Lycée Francais Jean Renoir in Munich (Germany) French Diplôme du Brevet
Graduation: German Abitur with a final grade of 1,2
French Baccalauréat with “mention bien”

02/ 2013 – 08/2014, Munich
• German Tutor for an 18 years old female (from ...

Kurt-English/ 經濟/地理/ 中國語文 tutor (美國史丹福和倫敦大學) (金鐘)



Jonathan-English tutor (master degree) (湾仔)

Hi, I'm from Canada with English as my first and main language, but I'm also conversant in Cantonese. I have a personal interest in writing (sentence structure, essay writing, flow), and have had extensive experience with academic papers, research articles, and technical writing.

I would like to help High-School to University students in particular, but I'm f...

Carolyn - English / Spanish / Math tutor (尖沙咀)

Hello, my name is Carolyn and I am an English tutor living in Hong Kong. I am originally from the United States, and am working in Hong Kong for an Internship. I tutored while in college, mostly in English and Math subjects. I greatly enjoy working with students one on one, and creating new and innovative ways of looking at the material. I am currently an Applied Maths major at my university in Co...

Bobby - English tutor (UK) (Kindergarten Teacher) (油馬地)

Work Experience

Sheck On Memorial Lutheran Kindergarten, Hong Kong
Native English Teacher (Current)
Currently teaching as an English as a second language teacher in a local Kindergarten. Preparing lessons, providing comprehensive lesson plans and delivering lively and invigorating lessons to children between the ages of 2 - 5 years old.


Donna -English teacher (USA) (太子)

I am a ESL Teacher from America. I have taught in South Korea and Hong Kong for a cumulative of 3.5 years. I have experience with students ranging from the ages of 3-18 years old. I have personally created English curriculums for 3 schools, including a kindergarten, primary school, and high school.


Kevin -English tutor

I am a youthful, positive and innovative teacher from England looking to teach English in the South East of China (including HK) anytime after April 15th this year.

I have a law degree and a combined five years teaching experience. The experience includes two years of teaching English at High School and University level in Thailand, 1 year of private tutoring in England, and 2 year...

Kyle-English /英國文學,英國語文/經濟/商業 tutor (上環)

I recently moved to Hong Kong from the United States. I am currently attending University of Iowa's MBA Hong Kong program. I graduated from The Catholic University of America with a a double major in Political Science and English Lit. While in the states I tutored numerous High School Level students in History and IBA & AP Political Science courses. Prior to that experience, I worked as a...

Jessica - English tutor 幼稚园/中學英文老師 (旺角) (USA)

I co-taught a German highschool class in 2008. I am currently teaching tutorial writing for primary students of various ages.
Pui Ching Kindergarten, Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong. I Taught in a few other kindergartens. Greenfield, Kowloon Baptist.
Native English Teacher, August 2014 to Present
• Create and implement teaching materials for 8 K2 and K3 classes
• P...

Julia-English / Korean /GCSE數學/科學 tutor (Pok Fu Lam)

Professional Profile
Dynamic, adaptable and committed individual achieving a First Class Honor in her undergraduate degree in the UK. I am an enthusiastic and motivated person who enjoys working with children, developing excellent relationships with them. I am a native English and Korean speaker.

Tutoring Experience
Teaching Primary kids at an international school i...

William -English tutor (劍橋大學畢業) (上環)

Native English speaker and graduate of Cambridge University.

I have experience teaching English (both language and literature) to Chinese students ages 5 to 17.

In particular, I helped students wanting to study at prestigious universities in the UK and the US by introducing them to a wide range of important work of English literature from writers such as Shakespeare,...

Anna-Italian tutor (Wan Chai)

Anna - Italian tutor

6 Years Private Tutor Experience, Providing Italian and English oral and instructional teaching sessions as well as homework assistance to children of various ages in Italy. Highly passionate and friendly
I have being tutored students from primary school and secondary school. I have helped students in doing their homework, improving gr...

Sunny-Math / Physics tutor (Tai Koo)

精補數學/物理 拔尖補底皆可

本人畢業於中大物理系,過往於公開試有優良的數學及物理成績(會考28分),曾獲得物理奧林匹克二等獎。因此,我對香港的物理及數學科十分熟悉。隨此之外,我有四年的補習經驗,學生多達二十多名, 當中包括初中及高中的數學與物理,所有學生在我悉心教導...

Wing-yi - English tutor (沙田) (UK)

(英國土生土長, 經驗豐富英文導師)
Hello, My name is Wing-yi. I am a native English speaker born and raised in the UK and offering interactive and conversational English tutoring for children and adults. I have over 3 years experience teaching in Spain. I enjoy helping students of all ages and skill levels accomplish their learning goals.

Services that I provide i...

Tiffany - Music / Piano tutor ( mid Levels)

My name is Tiffany. I am currently attending Berklee College of Music, training and getting the education I need to pursue a career in music. However, while I am still not ready to enter that work field, I would like to get experience in different fields to help me later in life.

Recording Studio Sound Engineer 4 February – 19 March 2013
• Ensure...

simon- 幼儿园/小学英语老师 ( 馬鞍山) (UK)

English Tutor Simon K: Nationality: British
· Immigration Status: Permanent Resident
· Languages: English, Japanese (basic)
· Hong Kong Police SCRC check completed

London Teacher Training College
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL 120 hours)

Adult Education NOCN Level 2 Japane...

Alpha-English/Mathematics/Japanese tutor (博士r) 教全科, 英語,数学, 普通話,日語,法文, 电脑 (旺角)

- 外國回流全職導師
- 畢業於英華書院、香港大學(學士)、日本熊本大學(碩士及博士)及澳洲悉尼大學(教育證書)。...

Vita -Spanish/English/ Italian tutor (長洲)


01/2015 - Present - CS50x3 Introduction to Computer Science - HarvardX
03/2014 - The Power of Macroeconomics & Microeconomics - University of California, Irvine (Foundation Year)
12/2013 - Introduction to Marketing - University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School
ABRSM Music Theory (Level 5) - Hong Kong
High School Diploma - Washington D.C, Uni...

Nicolas- English /German tutor (佐敦)

Hello everyone!

My name is Nick and I am graduating in management with a strong focus on Finance at the end of this year. Throughout my life, I have lived in many different places, covering almost the entire planet and many diverse regions as the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Currently I am an reseach associate on International Development at the Davis Center for Eurasi...

Lindsey-English tutor (USA) (上環)

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA (Aug 2011- May 2015)
B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature; Global Culture and Commerce Minor; Overall GPA: 3.3
Blueprint Leadership Program; Community Affairs Student Council Representative; Delta Delta Delta Sorority; Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society

UVa’s McIntire Busi...

Irasema -English / Spanish tutor (USA) (living in Olympic)

I am a native English /Spanish speaker from USA. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Latin American Affairs, with a minor in Spanish, from Florida State University, U.S.A.. I have taught 4 different levels of English / Spanish at High School and at College level. I have been conducting private tutoring for more than 5 years. Additionally, I currently work for HSBC Banking Corporation. I love t...

Diana-Spanish/French/English tutor (深水涉)

I am trilingual Spanish/French/English professional .
I have many years of good experience in tutoring with children and able to give few hours a week Spanish and French courses.
I'm a really passionate and enthousiastic about teaching language to young children, and use tailor made method with each children to be the most effective possible.

Rosalie-French / English tutor (沙田)

Currently in my final year of Bachelor, I am a French exchange student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Finance. Keen on learning languages and meeting new people, I would love to spread my passion for languages by teaching my mothertongue, French, as well as teaching English which I learnt in the USA. I am a reliable and patient person and I will make the teaching time as pleas...

Miguel-Spanish tutor (天水圍)

Hola! My name is Mike and Im a Native Spanish teacher from Spain. Previous to Hong Kong I was teaching English speaking students aged 13-19 in a Spanish university. Currently I'm offering private Spanish classes in different districts in Hong Kong.

Im a reliable and hardworking person who also has a good sense of patience and humour. I enjoy working with children and adults an...

Camilo-Spanish tutor (尖沙咀)

Spanish Teacher October 2015 - Present
Pui Kiu College (Hong Kong)
• Teaching Spanish to high school students.
• Groups of 20 students between 12 to 15 years old.
• Preparing lessons while unison different teaching methods...

Justus -German/English/ French/ Math tutor (灣仔)

Hi, I am Justus ! ( 大埔教育中心老師 English learning centre teacher ).

I am a native German speaker,born and grown up in Germany and some English speaking countries. I really like teaching kids and I do have lots of patience.
Three years ago I started to give privat lessons to pupils at the age of 5 until 15.

I can help you to improve your German ( I...

YUMIKO- Native Japanese tutor

Konnichiwa! My name is Yumiko. I’m a Native Japanese Tutor from Japan.

I have 5 years teaching experience as a Japanese Teacher at a language school as well as a Private Tutor in Shanghai, China. Also, have 3 years tutoring experience after moving to Hong Kong in 2014.

Taught various students from kids to adults, from beginner to advanced level. Some of the st...

Aimee - English/Math tutor (UK) ( 東涌)

My name is Aimee, I am a native English tutor from the UK (British accent).

I love seeing children learn and develop. I have previously worked in a teaching role in Hong Kong for 6 months, teaching classes of up to 8 children. I have also worked in many finance roles so hopefully quite handy with the maths homework.

Brittany - English (優秀教師獎)


2009 Trent University, Peterborough, ON
Bachelor of Education, Intermediate/Senior- History/Geography

2008 Brock University, St. Catharines, ON
Bachelor of Arts, Honours

Additional Qualifications

2014 Honour Specialist, History
2012 Nova Scotia Certification, Reference Number: 67...

Monica - English tutor (小西湾) (幼稚園/小學老師)

Career Objectives
My objective is to pursue a career into the teaching field, in which I utilize my communication tactics, creativity and merge my enthusiasm and talent for learning and teaching.

2009-2015 Graduated from St. Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong
2017- Currently-BA (Hons) Business Management

Working Experienc...

SHIRLY - Kindergarten English Teacher (UK) (湾仔)

Bring my warmth, efficiency and expertise to the job of a preschool teacher and help children develop in the best possible way to become the pride of their school and parents.
• Close familiarity with children’s educational development theories and corresponding practices.
• Patience and compassion: Handle difficult children firmly yet gently ...

Emcee -English tutor (UK) (湾仔)

Greenhill Tertiary College (UK) GCE Advanced Level Physics June 1993

May 2005 - present
Private Native English Tutor (self employed)
- tutored students from 3-15 on phonics, reading, grammar, writing, presentation skills in speech festival and interview.
- tutored adult learners oral and writing skills


Emily-English literature teacher (online teaching) (Living in USA)

Education: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English Literature from Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA, USA

I am a Native English Teacher/Tutor who has taught English language and literature at every level of English from Kindergarten to primary, secondary and even university level and above.

I have taught the English to students who speak English as a 2nd language at loc...

Philippa- 小提琴 tutor (UK) (深水涉)


I am an energetic and creative music teacher with a proven ability to get the very best out of pupils. An expert at identifying the appropriate resources required for a subject matter and then ensuring that they are used efficiently, effectively and safely. Able to demonstrate and encourage high standards of professionalism from all staff and having a capability to ...

Robert-English tutor (Wan Chai)


Eureka Language Services: September 2014- present
Unit 05-07, 8/F, China Merchants Steam
Navigation Building,
303-307 Des Voeux Road Central and 152-
155 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
Native English Teacher
Last year I worked at a kindergarten in Tai Kok Tsui and now I am teaching primary school aged...

Kyle-English tutor (USA) (North Point)

I am a native speaker from America, and now working as an English Teacher in a local institute in HK.

I majored in English Literature and Language at the University of Washington (BA), and gained a Master in the Art of Teaching major in TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Southern California.

Phillip-Mandarin tutor (Mongkok)

- A native Mandarin speaker from Hangzhou
- Got BA in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in 2009 from Zhejiang Normal University
- Taught Mandarin to Chinese Thai and Thai in schools in Thailand for two and a half years
- Moved to Hong Kong in 2012 for further study
- Got MA in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in 2013 from the Hong Ko...

Georgia-English tutor ( 劍橋大學) ( Pok Fu Lam)

As a Cambridge graduate and HKU master's graduate, I am specialized in interview preparation.
I am very competent at teaching primary level students. I taught English to primary school students at an English summer camp in Cambridge, and tutored P6 students for a year in England beforehand.

As I am a journalism master's student at HKU, I am...

Ghofrane-French / IELTES English teacher (Wan Chai)(USA)

IELTES English teacher

I am currently employed in Greenfield English international kindergarten and nursery (the long beach) for the theee months.
I teach k1 and K3 students. Conversation, vocabulary, phonics and writing

I was teaching at a language center now in Kowl...

Harriet - English tutor ( Sai Kong)(UK)

Personal Statement
My name is Harriet Robyn Meads; I was born in the UK on June the 18th, 1998. I am currently 21 years old and completed my Higher School Certificate (HSC) at the Australian International School, Hong Kong in 2015. I recently graduated with a degree in Ancient History BA (Hons) from the University of Southampton.

Key Skills
• I am a goo...

Joli- English/Maths tutor (Tsing Yi)

Personal Profile
I currently just finished my degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in the University of Auckland. My area is around human resource and leadership as my dissertation contributes to the area of Management. However, servant leadership applies widely to the education industry, generally because of the dynamics and ethics of the education system. To highlight, I have been tut...

PHILIPPA - English teacher (UK) (深水涉)

Teaching Experience
Music Angels, Mong Kok
English Teacher
Hired as a part-time teacher following student teaching practicum, instructing all academic subject areas to classrooms of 2-5 students. Still working part time with this school.

Key Contributions:

Working with Cambridge starters, and early Cambridge syll...

Monica - Spanish tutor ( Mong Kok )

My name is Monica Lopez Del Aguila
Peruvian, 31 years old , happily married
6 years of Teaching Experience in Asia.
Spanish native speaker. Can also speak English and mandarin.
Teaching is the most rewarding job for me. I just love it !

Ellen- English Tutor (Aus)(Mid Levels)

Hello! I am a graduate of Law and Politics from The Australian National University. I am a native English speaker and therefore possess exceptional written and spoken English language skills. I have professional experience working in the public and private sectors, as well as with law firms. I will be able to provide English assistance to students, and am excellent working with children and young ...

孫麗淳 -小學教師国家老師 (荃灣)


Jack-English tutor (UK) (Sai Kung)

I'm an 18 year-old British student. I've lived in Hong Kong my entire life and speak fluent English. After finishing school last year, I decided to take a 'gap year' before I attend University in the UK in September.

School: Australian International School Hong Kong (AISHK)
Academic Qualifications: Higher School Certificate NSW (HSC)

james-English tutor (Pok Fu Lam)

James is an enthusiastic, committed educator with innate ability to understand and motivate children. He is able to demonstrate his ability to consistently individualize instruction, based on student's needs and interests from previous teaching experiences. He personally treasures working with children and is heavily inspired to constantly nurture and build upon developing the creativeness of...

Brooke-English tutor (Jordan) (British accent)

Previous Employment
Teachers' Assistant for International Learning Centre (2014 - 2016)
- Australian International School Hong Kong - 3A Norfolk Road, Kowloon Tong
Freelance Private Tuition (2014 – 2016)
- Specializing in English Writing/Speaking/Listening (ages 2 – 15), Preliminary and Primary School level Mathematics, Primary and Middle School Biolog...

Catherine - English tutor ( (UK) (Pok Fu Lam)

EDUCATION 2013-2017
The University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Business Administration Major: Human Resources Management
2006-2013Repton School (United Kingdom) Art Scholarship
2004-2006Foremarke Hall (United kingdom)

2017 Academic Research Assistant, The University of Hong Kong
Collected and studied ac...

劉治君- 普通話老師 (語言及人文文學學士學位) (住灣仔)


Michael - 普通话导師 (文学硕士) (住Tsuen Wan)

My name is Michael Kwok, I immigrated to Hong Kong from Beijing in 1985. My mother tongue is standard Putonghua (Beijing), and also very fluent in Cantonese and English.
I received my education in Hong Kong. My qualification is:
Master of Arts in Philosophy, the Chinese University of HK. (2004-2006)
Bachelor of Law, Peking University (1994-1998)
Bachelor of B...

Nick - Economics / DSS English teacher (大埔) (UK)

International School / DSS Primary school English teacher
Native English Teacher from the UK.

Currently teaching at international school and also teach privately to many students of all backgrounds and levels. I have students from St. Francis of Assisi and Anfield Int. Primary School.

I have also previously taught at an international kindergarten: encouraging...

CANDY - 國語導師師 (元朗) (Mandarin) (Yuen Long)

普通话是我的母语。 到目前为止,我一直從事小學生中文輔導,主要目的是提高和纠正他们的发音,提高他们的閱讀與理解能力,如何写好通順語句,以及教他们朗读与表达。

Kate-English tutor (Pok Fu Lam) (British)

Hi there! I am a Hong Kong raised, British teacher. I have worked at various Hong Kong learning centres over the past 4 years, as well as having done private tuition from the age of 16. I provide a fun environment, using lots of questions and speaking to encourage a comfortable learning space. Teaching from as young as 11 months old to 19 years old, my range is very wide and I am able to adapt to ...

Shannon-English Tutor (Admiralty)

I've worked for two different tutoring companies while living in Beijing, MYJ English Garden and English First. My main focus is tutoring oral English. I hold a double bachelors degree in Linguistics and Chinese from the University of Oklahoma, and a Masters in International Law from China University of Political Science and Law. My current career is in the IT field as a researcher.

Kenton-Primary school English teacher (UK)(Tai Kok Tsui)

British Native English Speaking tutor

5 Years and counting in teaching children and adults.

Have taught children Cambridge and Trinity Courses, all receiving passes and majority receiving distinctions.

Passionate about watching individuals learning, growing, and understanding a language.
I passionately devote my time in order to guide my stud...

Ambrose - English tutor (UK) (Central )(碩士學位)

Ambrose - English tutor (UK) (Central )(碩士學位)

I have obtained an MSc in Finance at the University of Kent. I have been studying in the UK for almost 10 years; very familiar with the English Culture and also developed a fluent English Native accent.

Besides children and young individual, I also have experiences in teaching adults. Over my school years in UK, I...

Yan -English/ Math tutor (UK) (Tsuen Wan)


I am a Native English speaking tutor in Mathematics and English, who is also able to converse in Cantonese. I was born and educated in UK, before coming back to Hong Kong permanently in 2010. I was educated at a prestigious UK Grammar School (top 40 in UK, top 3 in North West England) and competed in advanced Math Competitions throughout my school years, winning numerous Go...

Peigi - 英文老師 / 藝術老師 / (UK)(Jordan)

2013 – Present

I taught at a kindergarten called piccolo Monte / taught kindergarten students privately and in learning centers.
Private English Teacher (Hong Kong)
Teaching English as a second language to a wide range of ages in various locations across Hong Kong
Developing lesson p...

Dina Spanish / English Tutor (Chai wan)

I am passionate for teaching and I have 4 years and a half of experience. My first language is English and Spanish.

Professional Experience

04/2014- Today
Gateway Services Asia Hong Kong
Main areas of work:
-Digital Media
-Writing and translation

Jennifer (from UK) (living in Happy Valley)

I have a bachelors of science degree in Environmental Management (based on biology, chemistry and ecology) I also studied physics at university.

A qualified TEFL teacher with over 3 years experience in teaching young learners. Enjoys working with children and nurturing a passion for lifelong learning. A dedicated teacher with a creative and enthusiastic a...

Charlene (French) (Wanchai)

I am a 25 year old French female on a working holiday visa (expiring June 2017), passionate with language learning - I have lived in the UK for 2 years (graduated from the University of London), I speak English fluently and I am learning Chinese by myself! I believe I am a good fit as a tutor as I have been through the process of learning a foreign language : I believe that learning with fun, and ...

Maria-English /French/Spanish tutor (online teaching)

I'm as proficient as a native. I've got a Bachelors's Degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language and I've lived in France twice (I have a second degree from a French university).
Currently, I work teaching French at the extension program at the University of the District of Bogota.

I obtained the C1 level in 2014 (I hadn't lived in France). I w...

Rachel-Primary / Kindergarden English teacher (UK) (Yau Ma Tei)

My name is Rachel I am a English teacher from the UK ( currently teaching at a popular Kindergarten in Hung Hom have a BA (hons) degree from Hull university and TEFL certified. I have an up to date SCR checking code. I was born an raised in London, England and have a clear British accent.

yolanda-French/Spanish/German tutor (Tseung Kwan O)

I have teacher's certificate.
I was born to Spanish parents but was brought up and educated in France, and spent over 10 years in Germany, as a result of which i am a trilingual French, Spanish and German speaker. After secondary education in France, and a big interest for the German language, I moved to Hannover where i started to study German. While studying, i started to give priva...

chiara-Italian tutor (Stanley)

I am an Italian native mother tongue teacher. I have a bachelor in Italian Letterature which is the requirement to teach Italian to Italians. 
I have been living in Hong Kong for two years and I am available to share the Italian language and culture. I am a smiling and patient person.

王麗群-mandarin tutor (大圍)


英語能簡單溝通,粵語、台語流利,已取得 普通話水平測試证書"二级,并在香港大學进修普通話教師資格證書;对幼儿、小學生、中學生及成人均有丰富的教授经验。學生來自耀宗、加拿大國際、美國國際、聖士提反、蘇浙、拔萃等等。

Margarita-English tutor (NT)

My name is Margarita, and I am very passionate about working with kids as I get positive energy from them. I possess qualities necessary for the teaching job such as patience and attention to details.

Joyce - 英國回流, 英式英語, Native British Accent

本人是在英國土生土長的華人,從英國大學畢業,然後回流香港。我能說純正流利的英式英語,普通話和廣東話。我有教授小朋友和成年人的經驗,主要教英文,英語會話 (Phonics), 普通話和數學,(小學生全科也可)還有可以全英語對話來上課。

Nora-English tutor (Cambridge Graduate)(Repulse Bay)

Hi! I'm Miss Nora, an English and Economics Teacher currently based in Hong Kong.

I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2014. After a stint as an investment banking analyst, I am now working in the educational field in Hong Kong and endeavor to share with students my expertise in economics and the languages.

I model my teaching on Cambridge's tutor...

Meirong-English tutor (USA) (Fanling) (Columbia University Master Degree)

Hi, my name is Mei. I am a native English speaker from New York, USA. I have been living in Hong Kong for over 5 years and have been teaching since. I teach a wide age range from toddlers up to 12 years old students. The classes I mainly teach are playgroups (Cambridge, Oxford Path, and others), phonics, Cambridge YLE, and trinity (GESE, communication skills, and YPC). I love children and am very ...

Laura-English tutor (From Ireland) (Pok Fu Lam)

Personal statement

I am native English speaker from Ireland and have lived in Hong Kong for five years. I am an enthusiastic and organised second year Architecture student interested in finding work for the summer. In previous work, I have tutored English to non-native speakers in primary and secondary school. I am keen to expand upon ...

Kristina -Russian tutor ( Tung Chung)

My name is Kristina. I moved in Hong Kong 4 months ago. I am native speaker. I have no experienсe in teaching but i have passion is helping people to develop different aspects of themselves.


My name is Matthäus and I am living in Hong Kong more than 3 years. I have been teaching German for 10 years privately and 2 years in a school in Hk. On the beginning I focused on conversational German, as my students where refugees. And within my last years in Hk I learned preparing students for exams. I am teaching adults in Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CER) from A1 ...

李老師-Mandarin tutor 國語導師(Kwun Tong)



Faye Bradley -English/French tutor ( Sai Kung) (UK)


• English (Fluent)
• Cantonese (Intermediate)
• French (Intermediate)
• Mandarin (Beginner)

2015- University of Leeds, UK
Art and Design (BA) Expected: 2:1

First Year Modules:
• Green Design and Sustainability

Gwen-English tutor (Taikoo)

With more than 5 years of private tutoring and group teaching experience, I am a Native English, Mandarin and Cantonese speaker. Under my guidance and support, my students have successfully excelled in their local school exams, DSE and IB exams, and pursued the path of their dream.

With my previous experience in holding ceremonies for the British Council and working in major intern...

Ayden-English tutor (UK) (Tai Po)

I currently teach a pre-nursery class, so I have experience with this age group.
I also have experience in teaching pre-nursery and of course, I have a British accent!
I am hardworking and self-motivated; able to work well in a team or unsupervised. I am passionate about teaching and love working in a job where I can have face-to-face contact with othe...

Pullip-Korean/English tutor (Sai Kung)

======Tutoring Experience======
2 years tutoring experience - South Korean - Native Korean & Fluent British English - Recently graduated.

I recently graduated from college in the UK and moved to Hong Kong to experience different cultures and gain overseas experience. In my past I have worked at an international school in Korea teaching English a...

Komeko-Japanese tutor (Yuen Long)



Phoebe-English tutor (UK)(Wanchai)

I am a native English speaker who has spent most of my life in Hong Kong and have graduated from ESF with 40 IB points. I am currently a student at the University of London. I have much experience working with primary school students and early high school students as well as special needs(those on the autism spectrum). For the past year I have tutored KS3 English with a group of 5 th...

Lucy-English tutor (Tung Chung)

有教授英語專業証書 TEFL certificate

I am an Australian native English speaker with a neutral accent. I am experienced in teaching children and adults in group and one on one classes.
I design lessons for each individual student with a focus on customising to suit the students ability, age and what the student or parent would like to see worked on in the lesson.

Julia-English tutor (from UK, Livng in central)

Julia - English tutor (London)

Born in Hong Kong as well as growing up here I am used to the customs expected when it comes to education. With three years of experience teaching phonics, reading, writing and speaking from ages 3 to 10 years old. I am a dedicated and experienced teacher with a passion for children's learning and care. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Educ...

Rajvinder-English /Science tutor ( Ho Man Tin)


June 2011- April 2015 SWU-Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine Inc.
Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Inclusive of 1 Year Full-time Internship at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Chong Hua Hospital, Perpetual Succor Hospital

Nov 2009 – March 2011 Southwestern University
Bachelor of Science Major in Biological Sciences

louise-English tutor (UK)/ (Central)

Hello there

My name is Louise, I was born and raised in England and moved to Hong Kong recently.

I am an experienced tutor and teacher of English, with over 3 years teaching experience specialising in English, Special Educational Needs, Phonics, Speech and Language Therapy and Cognitive Therapy.

Suelin-English tutor /Sai Wan

I am an enthusiastic English Teacher looking for opportunities to teach children from Pre-school and K1 to P6 in English. I want to be able to use my knowledge and skills of synthetic phonics reading techniques to enable children as young as 3 to enjoy and understand stories they have read themselves. I want to teach a an early years curriculum in a fun and inspiring way to giv...

Yasmin-English tutor (住Central) (幼稚園老師)

I am an English Class Teacher in an International Kindergarten in Hong Kong full-time. I have a bachelor degree from UK, as well as a PGDE from HKIED. I enjoy working with children :)

Working Experience:
English Class Teacher at Blooming Buds Preschool & Child Care Centre Aug 2015 – Present
Class Teacher at Box Hill International Kindergarten & Preschoo...

Kristina- English/Russian tutor (Tung Chung)

o Specializing Public Relations
May’16 – Nov’16 COURSE OF ENGLISH, British Council, Hong Kong

o Proficient Windows, Word for Windows, Excel, Outlook Express, Internet...

Michael- 幼兒園/小學教師 ( UK) (Sai Ying Pun)

Kindergarten, Primary schools teacher
A highly accomplished and professional Native English Teacher, Language consultant and Trainer with 11 years experience in private language schools, Kindergarten, Primary schools and in-company training of clients including multinationals, public sector/government, international media organizations.

20​15- Present Native...

Christina-English tutor (USA) ( live in San Po Kong)

My name is Christina I am an American who has lived in Hong Kong working as a Native English Teacher. I have experience teaching people of all ages from young children to adults. Experience teaching conversational English, phonics, playgroups and business English.

BS Biology, Truman State University (USA)
TEFL, International TEFL Academy


Wing- 小學和中學的課外英文老師 (Ma On Shan)(Canada)

My name is Wong Wing ( 出生于加拿大), I am passionate in teaching. I work in teaching field for more than 5 years. I worked as a private tutor and part time English teacher in few local primary schools (Buddhist Chung Wah Kornhill Primary School, Pentecostal Gio Mao Sheng primary school, etc.) and secondary schools ( HKTA Lee Heng Kwai secondary school, ...

Mariko- English / Japanese /Math tutor (from UK) (discovery bay )

Hi there!
I am half English half Japanese from UK. Currently in my final year of undergraduate studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
I have been tutoring children, teenagers, and adults English, mathematics, and Japanese since the start of my undergraduate career at CUHK. I would like to move onto a masters of education after my undergraduate degree and teaching is somethin...

Paige - English tutor (living in Pok Fu Lam)

I am a dual American-Australian citizen, but I was born and raised in Hong Kong (so I am a native english speaker). I am a student currently working on my IB diploma at West Island School (I am currently in year 12/6th form). I completed my english IGCSE examinations a year early, in 2015, earning an A* in Cambridge language and an A in edexcel literature. The rest of my IGCSEs I sat in 2016, earn...

Natalia- 大學英文老師 / Russian tutor (online teaching only)

I am a highly-qualified Russian and English Tutor with more than 20 years' experience:) You are welcome to join my classes in your linguistic journey!:)
I've worked with students of different ages (from 1,5 y.o. to 85 y.o.) and nationalities, all my classes are tailor-made.
Besides, I developed a unique course "Survival Russian", which allows you to study the lan...

Richard-English tutor (UK) (Sha Tin)

Hello! I am Richie, a History graduate born and raised in Hong Kong, hence my ability to speak both English and Cantonese. I have had many years experience tutoring English, History, Arts and Crafts and other subject matter to younger students of all ages, inc play group. I am also a qualified tennis coach and my day job is in freelance multimedia production. I'm looking to help enrich your...

Soraya - English tutor (UK) (Kowloon)

Nationality: British
Hong Kong ID Holder

I attended an ESF primary school in Hong Kong.
I then progressed onto a private secondary school, and University in United Kingdom.
I have recently moved back to Hong Kong, my home, after living in United Kingdom for 11 years. I am 4th Generation in my family to be born in Hong Kong.


Harriet -English tutor (UK) (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Kindergarten teacher

I am native English speaker from the UK. I am currently working as Kindergarten teacher in an international school, where I teach children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old and I can teach IB English. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, I spent one year in Paris teaching English to children between 12-17 years old.

I graduated with a degree in Fren...

Lucy-English / French teacher (online teaching)


I am a French and British national currently studying a BA in History and Spanish at the University of Bristol, England. I grew up in Hong Kong and went to the French International School and passed the French Baccalaureate with Highest Honours. In Hong Kong, I have gathered extensive experience as a kindergarten teacher and English tutor for young students. I really enjoy s...

Greer- 幼兒園英文老師 (Sheung Wan)

am a native English speaker from South Africa. I have been teaching in Hong Kong for three and a half years where I have gained experience in teaching in both a kindergarten and learning centre. Prior to that I was a private tutor for secondary school students for Science and Mathematics in South Africa. I have experience in teaching Playgroup, Cambridge Starters, Trinity GESE grade 1-5 and Trin...

Sophie-English tutor (UK) (Lamma Island )

I have experience teaching all ages and currently work in Kowloon Tong, I am an experienced native English tutor from the UK and I love sharing my language with my students! I am very creative and love thinking of new and exciting ways to teach English. My main job role is to make sure that my students have fun whilst they are learning!

When I meet a new student I like to get to kn...

Bruno-French tutor (Wan Chai)

3 Years as a Lecturer in French University. Teaching emphasis on speech (or conversational English), with confidence building through customized exercises. Also an English correction editor and trainer for various industries in support of marketing (printed advertising media), instructional detailing, training and communicating with all ages and technical levels.


Crystal-English tutor / 全科 (Tai Wai) (英国留學)


My name is Crystal. I was born and raised in Ho...

Juhee-Korean tutor

Translator (Korean-English)
Interpreter (Korean-Cantonese)
Private Tutor (Teaching Korean students - English,Mandarin)


Can speak and write fluently in Korean, English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Mickey - English/French/German/Economic tutor (Living in Tai Wai)

I have 3 years of experience in private tutoring. I am half Dutch, half British and I lived and studied in the United States.
My curiosity and interest in social science led to getting my degree in Economics and Business Economics in a world top 50 university. Languages and Mathematics were my strongest subjects, and I was always among the top of my class overall. Although I ...

Charlotte-French/Spanish Tutor(Central)

- 2 years experience in tutoring French and Spanish language to children from primary to secondary as well as professional for their use of the language in their business operations. Teaching emphasis on speech (or conversational English), with confidence building through customized exercises. Also an French and Spanish correction editor and trainer for various industries in support of marketing (...

Emmanuel-French tutor(Yuen Long)

I am Emmanuel a Native French Tutor and Teacher with extensive teaching experience.
I have been devoting myself into French teaching in Hong Kong for 6 years.
I like transmitting and sharing my knowledge and interest for French language and France. I like interacting with my students and it is a great satisfaction to see them enjoy learning, progress and improve their French in eac...

Sara-English tutor(UK)(Jordan)

Hello there!

I have recently moved to Hong Kong to begin teaching full time at a local primary school and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience so far!

Despite having experience of teaching English to the younger ages, I am open to tutoring older ages too! I have experience of using English in a job interview setting as well as in a more scientific and objective wa...

Daila-English tutor (USA)(Tseung Kwan O)

Hello friends! My name is Daila and I've recently moved to Hong Kong where I'm excited to begin tutoring in English. I am from the United States and a native English speaker. I studied at Liberty University in Virginia where I earned my bachelors degree in English Communications, which includes specializing in writing and speaking English. In the past I had I had the privilege to tutor c...

Saioa-English/ Spanish tutor (Mongkok)

I am a Spanish native speaker who lives in Hong Kong. I am currently working in a International kindergarten as an English teacher since I am fluent in English as well. I am professionally qualified in Early Childhood Education, phonics,TEFL and Cambridge English. I have experience in teaching as well as tutoring English and Spanish and I love helping people improving their...

Xaviera-English tutor (TEFL)(Kowloon Tong)


SOAS University of London, London, UK September, 2016
MA Global Media and Post-national Communications
Norman Jewison Scholarship recipient

University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, CA December, 2014
BA Cinema Studies (specialist) and Women and Gender Studies (minor)
Graduated with High Distinction
Dean’s List<...

Kelly-Korean / English tutor (North Point)

I am an American born Korean, and I grew up in Hong Kong and Korea attending international schools. I have many experience tutoring young children in both English and Korean.

Language: Native in English (American) and Korean, conversational in Mandarin Chinese

- Graduated in 2015 from North London Collegiate School Jeju, and received my high school I...

Elvira-English tutor (幼稚園英文老師) (Shui wai and work in Fanling)

Professional Experience:
"Zenith" Kindergarten & International Nursery, Hong Kong
English teacher
August 2016 - present
Teaching English to 2-6 year old children, general knowledge, mathematics, leading playgroups and oral classes, Cambridge courses

February 2016-present
Playschool Plus English learning center, Tai Po
English ...

Craig-小學英文老師 (North Point)

Professional Summary
As a degree holder in Public Administration with over 6 years experience in multi-disciplinary educative environments, I have a flare for creative communication and am highly passionate about learning and development. My teaching roles include Primary schools, learning centres, and family support work.

My skills include Leadership, organization, lesson ...

Jack-English tutor(UK)(Sai Wan)

Loughborough University (Ranked 4th in the UK - Guardian 2017). Loughborough, UK
• BSc in Banking, Finance and Management: First Class Honours (Expected) Sep 2014 – Aug 2018
• Semester Attachment – Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) ...

Brandon- English tutor (USA) (central)

Fully Accredited English teacher with TEFL license
6 years of business communication experience with professionals in Hong Kong
Many years teaching experience
2004 Lindenwood University, St. Louis, MO, USA
B.A. Management (Honours)

Tutoring English Skills:
Grammer-Academic,Homework practice, Sentence Structure

Harriet - English teacher (from UK) (live in Tin Hau)

I am a British native English speaker and graduate of the University of Sheffield, with two years experience of teaching English in Hong Kong. I am enthusiastic about teaching English and creating fun, interactive and educational lessons for my students. I am experienced in educating, supporting and motivating primary school children in English language education. I have taught lessons 'one t...

Martina-English/French/German/Spanish Tutor (Sai Wan)

Hi, my name is Martina!

Born and raised in Austria, I am a native German speaker. As I have studied and worked all around the globe (UK, Singapore, Mexico and France), I am also fluent in English, French and Spanish, and currently studying Mandarin.

I have an MBA in International Business, and have been working since 2008 in Marketing, PR and Event Management with chi...

Louise-English tutor (US)/Central

I have spent considerable years in the US and was raised trilingually (Mandarin, Cantonese & English) in an immigrant family from the Mainland. Concerning my English proficiency, I have achieved two perfect 9's in my IELTS scores. Being a Hong Konger, I have my fair share of understanding towards the challenges faced by ESL learners.

Up until now, I have tutored students f...

Kristina- French /English /German / Spanish tutor (Central) (USA) (Skype online teaching)

I am a graduate in Linguistics from Vienna University, Austria. I grew up bilingually, speaking German and English at home. After my graduation I worked many years for the Mexican Embassy in Vienna, then for the Argentine Embassy. I lived in Malaysia from 2013-2014, working for an international company and tutoring kids and adults. I've been working in the field of l...

Jamie -English / all subject tutor ( Living in Mong Kok)

Hi, I am from New Zealand and have recently moved to HongKong.
I have recently completed my online TEFL course and now ready and excited to start my teaching career. My teaching emphasis is on speech (conversational English formal and informal) but also working on Grammar, Function and Phonics.
I am a very active person who relate well with people of all ages, I have spent the last ...

Claire-English tutor (UK) (Tung Chung)

Being a Native English individual, I have worked in a Primary School in England for over 2 years and hold a graduate degree in Educational psychology (UK). I have also recently obtained an advanced TEFL qualification with TEFLUK.

I have run interventions and programes for children with higher and lower abilities in subjects such as English, Maths and Reading.
My biggest a...

Michelle-English tutor(Kwun Tong)

I am a graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Diocesan Girls' School. I have lived in the United States. As a native English teacher and debate coach, I have taught in schools, learning centers and playgroups. I have had experience in teaching Grammar, Writing, Oral, Cambridge English and Letterland phonic. My training in debate allows me to provide a holistic approach to my st...

Alyssa Saehee-Korean tutor(Central)

Born in South Korea. Lived in Canada for 5 years (Native American Accent)
Can teach Korean, English, TOEFL, Essay, Interview, etc

English College Interview/Essay Instructor (2013-2016, 4 years)

TOEFL Instructor (2014-2016, 3 years)

College Entrance Exam Consultant (2016, 1 year)

Nina-English Tutor (Online)

Experienced English teacher and tutor with over 15 years experience is available to teach ONLINE for students aged 3-18.
Fun and engaging lessons are conducted over SKYPE from the comfort of your home. Classes can cover speaking, writing, story telling, phonics and grammar.
Materials used are colourful, fun and entertaining and guaranteed to learn while having fun!


Masset-French teacher (Tung Chung)

法语IB 中學教師

2013 August - Present : HKUSpace
-French coordinator
-Teaching French to adults (Introductory Certificate, Intermediate Certificate, Upper Intermediate Certificate)
-Teaching French (half term holiday programme) in King George V Secondary School (October 2014 and October 2015)
-Summer 2015/2016: French course for teenagers in HKUSpa...

Lilibetm - Spanish / English 艺术与语言中心老師 (Mei Foo)

I am an enthusiastic and devoted English and Spanish tutor with excellent communication skills and have 5 years of teaching experience in diverse classroom size and one-on-one teaching. I can use both English and simple Cantonese as a medium of instruction and help students to learn/improve their Spanish/English language skills.


Hong Kong Federat...

MunJung-Korean tutor (Sheung Wan)

Native Korean-speaking
Teaching Experience:
- Extensive Teaching experience in writing essays, basic Korean alphabets, basic Korean-speaking, experience with both adults & children

Dante - English / Physics / Math / Science teacher (Mong Kok)

Hello! My name is Dante Morley-Montes.
I have been teaching for five years within Asia.
As a tutor at a prestigious center I teach science, mathematics and history. I help students prepare for math, chemistry and physics exams for GCSE and IB curriculums. All of my students score between 8-9 and 6-7 for GCSE and IB respectively. My favorite subjects to teach are science and history...

Yeowon-Korean tutor(Tseung Kwan O)

Hi, my name is Lynda (Yeowon) Park, from South Korea. I've studied in International School in Guangzhou, China in total for 6 years and I have IB Diploma before I move to HK to study in HKUST. I speak fluent in English and Korean, and for Mandarin, I have HSK qualification of level 6. I'm Year 2 student now. During my secondary school life, I have a lot of experiences communicating with...

José-English/History tutor (Shatin)

My name is José Ozorio. I am a Hong Kong born Australian, I studied at Shatin College in Hong Kong before completing my high school at Brisbane Boys' College in Queensland, Australia.

After I graduated high school, I studied History and Psychology at the University of Queensland. I returned to Hong Kong to work 5 years ago. I am a native English speaker (with a neutral...

Montse-Spanish tutor (kwun Tong)

Montse - Spanish teacher (from Mexico)

Teaching experience
- Lecturer since 2006
- Spanish private tutor since 2013
- Educational assistant since 2016

I hold bachelor's and master's degrees in Psychology, I have studied in Mexico and USA. I have extensive experience teaching children, adolescents and adults. I'm amicable and friendl...

JUlia-English/Spanish tutor(Happy Valley)

An itinerant childhood in Spain, the USA, the Netherlands and the UK helped me develop a great language skills and a keen eye for creativity. I went on to develop a career in Communication and Graphic Design, combining it with tutoring. I like bringing creativity into everything I do, and that applies to education too!

I am bilingual in Spanish and English and I’ve worked as ...

Martain - French/Math Tutor (Causeway Bay)

I can obviously teach French and also teach IGCSE Math. 6 years in French and Mathematics tutoring.
I am teaching French and Mathematics for more than 7 years in France and in Hong Kong.
I have a very good track record in Math teaching and I can ask my previous students to send recommendations letters if you need.
I have developed very efficient educational methods in order t...

Jessica-French tutor (Discovery Bay)

Bonjour, my name is Jessica and I am a native Canadian French Speaking. I helped kids with learning difficulties back in Canada for about a year. I recently moved in Hong-Kong and I am looking forward to help kids as well as adults to learn the beauty of the french language. My French is advanced and my English is functional, therefore I accentuate my sessions mostly towards French speaking. Bein...

MESSEGUE - French tutor ( Master's degree) (Fortress Hill)

"Art and french culture is a passion to share".

French native tutor Art Class for children - European Fashion culture Class for children

LAETITIA MESSEGUE Born in Paris French nationality French native English fluent Lives in Hong Kong. Founder & Ceo of Lmdarjeeling agency (France). 45 years old. 2 children.

I’m passionate by Ar...

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