Hello everyone!

My name is Nick and I am graduating in management with a strong focus on Finance at the end of this year. Throughout my life, I have lived in many different places, covering almost the entire planet and many diverse regions as the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Currently I am an reseach associate on International Development at the Davis Center for Eurasian Studies, Harvard in Cambridge MA and attend a pre-Masters program at HKU.

I have taught English in a variety of settings. No matter if children in Africa or Chinese employees in a German multinational company, the underlying work methods are always chosen according to individual preferences and goal-driven necessities.

If you decide to employ me as your tutor, then our relationship will be one of reciprocal exchange in which we will deal with essential English literature covering many periods and diverse subjects as fiction, poetry and political science. Shakespeare, Hemingway, Spencer, Elliot, Hume and Adams are authors that should be ranked high on every educational pathway.

I am guided by what Friedrich Schiller, the German literary figure, once called an aesthetic approach to education that is pursued by liberating the human mind and strengthening imagination, self-awareness, reflection and the general capabilities of critical thinking.

Note, that I am not teaching you specific material that is related to any sorts of test.

True learning should not just be equated with formal grades, but rather more should be pursued as an ongoing, passionate journey.