3 Years as a Lecturer in French University. Teaching emphasis on speech (or conversational English), with confidence building through customized exercises. Also an English correction editor and trainer for various industries in support of marketing (printed advertising media), instructional detailing, training and communicating with all ages and technical levels.

CERTIFICATES: Bachelor of Law, Master's degree in International Law, Master's degree in Public Law

Writing: Grammar, Academic(Homework Practice, Sentence Structure), Business (Presentations, Formal Letters), Personal Expression (Email, Blogs, SMS)
Oral: Pronunciation, Phonics, Speech & Conversation Confidence Building, Interview Preparation, Minimizing your own Non-French Accent
Listening: How to pick up on key points, audio practice, differentiating between French accents around the world
Reading: Comprehension, Improve on speed from various sources
Vocabulary Building: Specific Words for your age/scholastic level, learn about slang/idioms/sayings/phrases
Students: Exam Preparation, Grade-Level Specific Homework Practice, Use of existing school books is encouraged but tutors will expand on material
Adult: Informal/Formal Conversation, Cultural differences between French-speaking countries