I am a primary school teacher.
I help my students to prepare for entrance examinations to kindergartens & primary schools
I have children of my own and lots of experience with young children. I am currently teaching 10-12 year old students. I also have learning materials and resources for this age group.

Chinese Methodist School Northpoint (September 2017 to present) ELTA teacher. I am currently teaching English to P1, 4 and 5 students at the school.

I am motivated, energetic and resourceful. My varied career allows me to adapt to sudden changes and stress without losing my composure or elegance.
I am passionate about travelling and have lived and worked in many countries. I have experienced and appreciated many cultures. With this background, my pride in what I do, my enjoyment of challenges and commitment to personal improvement and development, I believe I am an inspirational, engaging and motivating teacher.
I have developed sound communication and teaching skills, starting from my experience as a personal trainer. In the classroom, I am constantly striving to perfect my classroom management and presentation skills. Above all I enjoy creating unique lessons that inspire and motivate children. I have the ability to teach a range of age groups, from pre-k to adults, in any setting.
I have the extra advantage of having taught in Asia for three years. I have become familiar with the typical errors which students make with grammar and pronunciation. I can help them understand their errors through student-centred teaching and positive encouragement. I am able to create my own curriculum (as I did in my first year of teaching) as well as follow a prescribed textbook, adding fun, humour and motivation to the content. I strongly believe in learning all I can about the school that I work with and I enjoy researching, finding solutions and making people smile wherever I go.
My education, qualifications and experience will allow me to successfully perform all duties expected from your school. I am confident that I would surpass all expectations, with grace and a positive attitude.

Lorna Thomas CV

College of Media and Publishing (online) May 2016 – October 2016
Certificate of Editing and Proofreading
International House, Chiang Mai, Thailand January 2016
CELTA certificate (Cambridge English Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, QCF)
i to i (online)
TEFL certificate (140 hours, including 20 hours practical)
Exercise Teachers Academy, Cape Town, South Africa January 1990 -November 1990
Personal Training certificate
University of Natal, Durban, South Africa February 1980 to November 1985
Bachelor of Social Science

Work Experience

Dongjin Elementary School, Jinju, South Korea December 2013-December 2015
ESL Teacher
Worked with students from third to sixth grades to build confidence in English speaking, reading and writing abilities.
Taught text book-based lessons with audio visual aids, collaborating closely with Korean co-teachers at the school.
Prime English Academy, Donghae, South Korea November 2012 – November 2013
ESL Teacher
Guest English speaker at the school and created all lesson content and materials for students from grade one to High school.